Developmental Apraxia CHECKLIST

Developmental (or Childhood) apraxia of speech is a disorder of the nervous system that affects the ability to sequence and say sounds, syllables and words. It is not due to muscular weakness or paralysis. The problem is in the brain’s planning to move the body parts needed for speech production (e.g., lips, jaw, tongue). The child knows what he wants to say but the brain is not sending the correct instructions to move the body parts for speech. There is no known cause of the disorder.

Common Characteristics:

In Very Young Children

In Older Children

These children may have other developmental or communication problems as well. These can include oral motor weakness (of the lips, jaw, cheeks), delayed language development, expressive language problems and difficulties with fine motor movement and gross motor coordination.


These checklists are not intended to substitute for a professional opinion. If you have concerns, please have your child seen by an appropriate specialist.