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Dower and Associates, Inc. is a multi – disciplinary private practice with a focus in speech/language, education and behavior analysis. The corporate office is located in Manassas, VA with clinic services delivered in Aldie, VA.

The practice offers the following services:

Dower and Associates, Inc. current staff of speech/language pathologists and individual instructors/tutors provide services (e.g., evaluations, therapy, tutoring, training, functional behavior assessments) and consultations to children in a variety of settings, (e.g., office, private and public schools, community, and group home living environments).

Our staff specializes in two areas primarily:

Dower and Associates, Inc. speech/language and ABA staff members are trained extensively in the behavior analytic framework to developing communication, language, academic and life skills in persons diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, PDD-NOS, Down's Syndrome and other related developmental delays. In addition, most staff members are proficient in American Sign Language (ASL) and the use of the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), a picture based communication system. Speech and Language Pathologists of the practice also have experience selecting and training clients and caregivers in the use of other augmentative/alternative communication systems and devices.